How I got here

Gary Baudisch aka DrBaud
always evolving.

Why are you called DrBaud?

To be honest, the moniker evolved over many years. When I was born, my older brother was thought to have a learning disability, but medicine, in this case could not be more wrong. His disability was hearing, not learning. Anyway, my mother instinctively put the family’s efforts in helping my brother overcome his very minimal hearing. It became my family’s mission to help my brother cope with and overcome his hearing disability. Naturally, that life experience molded me to be a care giver and problem solver. The symptoms he displayed was the inability to make words sound as they are spoken, instead he spoke the way they sounded to him. I was younger than he, so I learned two languages, English and my brother’s unique language. I proudly became my older brother’s interpreter. He wasn’t disabled mentally he just could not hear. The garbled sounds he did hear made up his dialect. From the time I was three I had been blessed with the challenge of being an interpreter, voice therapist, and friend to one amazing brother. We were of a modest income, and in the 1950’s both my parents worked to get what my brother needed. My father worked days and my mother worked nights. This forced me to be self-sufficient and free to explore anything I found interesting. My interest always leaned toward the mechanical, trying to figure out how things worked. After many years of taking things apart, and figuring out how to put them back together, I had developed the confidence to fix anything. I became a master at self-taught higher education. Over the years I read books to figure out how to build a house and complete it, used the internet to educate myself on network design, database management, application design by reading books and completing online classes to build many skillsets. Many other interests sent me in a multitude of directions, none of which would have been impossible without being forced to get things done myself. Many mentors have taught and encouraged me, and because I was observant and a good listener, I was able to navigate through many different endeavors. Well, back to the question, “Why DrBaud?”. It seems that all my self-taught experiences and the social interactions that go with that process had enabled me to talk about or answer any questions on a multitude of topics. Alas, I was known as the doctor. I spent time in the computer programing, typesetting, and graphics arts, fine art endeavors plus the fact that the first four letters of my last name were baud, DrBaud was the perfect nickname.

Don't be a victim.

Life is a never-ending series of highs and lows, which constantly influence who and what we are. I spent most of my life working to provide for myself and my family. I became very adept at taking care of others sacrificing my ability to take care of myself. I failed at two marriages, lost connection with my kids, experienced financial failures. At 51, I found myself living with my brother and completely broke. I did the self-pity mantra until my then 14-year-old son asked me if I was done feeling sorry for myself. That wakeup call forced me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. Through this self-analysis, I realized that my past failures contributed my current predicament, but my successes helped mold me to who I was and could be. The regret of wasted time was very distressing to me, 51 years may seem a little late to be figuring things out, but with perseverance, I was able to convert regret into hope. Instead of regret for time passed, I decided to extend the time I had left by doing what I had always done, teach myself how to live longer. It started with research, the internet gave me the knowledge to understand that the human body as a complex biomechanical machine capable of amazing things, including regeneration of certain systems. At 51 I had the appearance of a man of 70 and felt older than that. Now the hard part. I have spent the last decade applying a myriad of exercise techniques and supplements on myself. I found the most difficult thing to overcome is the suffering of painful setbacks and failures through the process learning how to gain control of your own human machine. The human biology is programed to survive drought, famine, injury. Its main mission is stability, that is, modifying biological environments to return to the same state (homeostasis). Discovering that if the body is starving it will burn fat however it will destroy muscle to reduce caloric overhead. Through trial and error, I continued to learn what was working for me and what was not. Change is a tough fight, but the rewards are lasting. I now look and feel decades younger. Fast forward to today, my caregiving past and the care I am giving myself has inspired me to reach out to people suffering the same challenges so that they know it can be done. Do not be fooled, the process is difficult and never ends but the constant challenges of living are what true existence is all about.