Maybe you'll listen

Giving back the knowledge gained
through my life experiences.

Why am I building this site?

As I have grown physically stronger, my friends and associates were always asking what I have been doing to accomplish this. They knew I had never been athletic; in fact, I was always the skinny nerdy kid with no sports experience. When I started down this "health kick" I was in my 50s, broke, divorced (2nd time), and my best friend was "Jack Daniels". I thank God for my amazing children, whose unconditional love motivated me to regain their respect for me. I focused my total effort to becoming a better and present parent. My children were emotionally deprived by me, and had became distant. I needed their love but had to earn their respect. If I couldn't help myself, I was not going to be able to be a positive mentor to my children or deserve respect. I believed I needed to repair and rebuild my body and self-image. Improving my fitness was the first step to show my children I had some value. They had witnessed the gradual withering of a strong father into a depressed wimp of a man.

My first efforts were not very effective, I suffered pain from injury, fatigue, and emotional exhaustion. Although totally frustrated, I could not quit on my family. I resorted to doing what I know, research and self-education. I tried training techniques from a multitude of fitness professionals (internet and books) and used different nutritional and dietary programs. Through trial and error, I was able to focus on combinations that were working for me. I slowly gained physical strength, and as a byproduct, emotionally I was healing as well. My research included the use of PEDs (steroids) and luckily, I received some valued info from a steroid user – “Do Not use steroids until you have reached your genetic potential without them”. To this day I have continued my efforts to reach my "genetic potential" "and I am still progressing without "juice".

I cannot stress enough how your body will do amazing things if you keep at it. Hopefully, I can offer some insight and advice on how I overcame my deamons. My experiences might be of value to encourage people and gain some insight to help them to take this same journey. Living a quality life is worth it. We are all fragile and self-doubting but can gain strength in sharing common experiences and encouraging each other to do the persistent hard work.

Going forward

My intention is to give support to those who wish to read my story, exchange experiences and answer any questions you might have. I have always learned from everyone's sucesses and struggles and look foward to these interactions to teach me about the human condition. I am no expert, just a guy with drive and little too much ego. I will be blogging on this site as well as be available to connect with people thru social media. Remember, no matter your current fitness condition, you may not be able to control everything in your life, but your body is yours, treat it well and the rewards are limitless - as they say "the body grows or it decays", it's up to you. Hopefully I can motivate, entertain, and educate you with my insights and experiences, while keeping the BS to a minimum.