Coach and Mentor

Live a better life
I restored my body
so can you.

Getting fit

As I have grown physically stronger, my friends and associates began to comment on my improving physical appearance. They knew I had never been athletic, in fact, I was always the skinny nerdy kid with no sports experience. They were curious what had changed. I explained that my diagnoses of COPD, my bankruptcy , 2 divorces, brought me to the realization that my life was deteriorating and time for me was running out. I needed to act or perish. I focused my total effort into restoring the father they once knew. I needed to repair and rebuild my feeble body and self-image. Improving my fitness was the way to show my family that I still had some value. My commitment to life has awarded me a legacy they are proud of.

Persistence yields results

I cannot stress enough how your body will do amazing things if you keep at it. My feeble body progressed slowly over time. I had no guide to prepare me for the patience required to restore my health. My impatience, constantly challenged me to give up. Restoring your beast is a slow constant process. Tenacity is required to create change and over time I my beast lifestyle evolved. To my astonishment, as my body became stronger, my self worth continued to heal as well. My relationships with everyone improved and energized me to continue this new found lifestyle. As I restored my beast within, my perception of living evolved into unlimited possibilities. I began extensive research into kinetic and physiological systems and how they work. My certification as a personal trainer at 70 years along with life experiences have given me the tools to become not just a personal trainer but a lifestyle coach. Over the last ten years I have been able to achieve more strength than I thought possible. I have and continue to improve the beast that nature has given me.

How I can help

My journey has taught me tremendous insight and given me the tools to recognize and overcome my demons. My experiences have value to help to encourage people to take their own journey. My life experiences combined with my patience and compassion can help guide you to your goals. Encouragement as well as accountability is achieved by examining your unique characteristics. Living a quality life is worth it. We are all fragile and self-doubting, but restoring beast strength, will feed your desire to continue improving. Live the lifestyle movie you in vision. The work is worth it.

Going forward

An increasing number of individuals nearing or at retirement, suffering a loss of strength and weight gain over time, can learn to overcome many of unhealthy habits they have acquired. Unhealthy conditions accelerate the aging process. I have restored myself and can help you too. The first step in any lifestyle change is to try. Everyone deserves a better life, as author Stephen King wrote "Get busy living or get busy dying". Through fitness you too can improve your life.