Be a Beast after 50

You can live as
an elder-beast
make it happen!

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Restore strength

The most adaptable atribute of your Beast genetic programming is strength. You stimulate growth in strength by using your muscles. Strength increases by adding more resistance to your movements. For beginners, moving heavier and heavier objects is a learned skill thru repetition, for those of you with atheletic experience, reawakened.


consistancy is key

Beast adaptation is triggered by consistant muscular stimulus (usage). If your muscles are not stimulated consistantly they will atrophy. When you increase the stimulus, your body will respond and grow (hypertrophy). This process activates many youthful body processes. Consistancy will improve and conserve many abilities you thought were lost.


Live a better life

As you age, many frailties that occur are due to inactivity and lifestyle choices. You are not old if you do not act old. Your body is the most miraculous survival machine on this planet, don't let it prematurely age. At any age, you can be a beast and fight to survive, your life will contniue to improve exponentially.

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Restore your Elder‑Beast
It's never to late to begin

If quality of life is important to you, no matter your current fitness status, make the decision to improve it. All of us were born completely depedent on others for all of our survival needs. The skills and systems needed for independence were learned through lifetime experiences, good and bad. Now that you are older, years of achievments and failures have changed your survival priorities. As adolesents, we instictively run and play to develop these systems and skills. As we age, our lives are subjected to a multitude of stresses (family, jobs, injuries, to name a few). To accomplish these many herculean tasks, we take the path of least resistance. Drive to close locations, use escalators, elevators, eat fast food, just to have enough time get things done. After all the chaos, we find ourselves, looking to escape it all. We find comfort in food, alcohol, tv, and a multitude of other diversions. So here you are, finally at a point you have managed all that is required to achieve and fail through lifes journey, and too sick and weak to even walk for more than a few blocks. Have faith, your body has the ability to restore many of these atrophied strengths.

Where to start

The first step is to decide to take your life back. Your mind assimilates images to create a "movie" to drive your subconscious to motivate and change. Everyone's movie is different, some want to enjoy athletic skills, enjoy hobbies, be active with extended family, others want to live, there are many scenarios. The main thing is to play your movie in your head over and over. You constantly reinforce behaviors that allow you to achieve the changes required. In most cases your current fitness level evolved over many years. It can be reversed but you must be patient, we are creatures of habit and our bodys are too.

Set achievable goals

Your fitness journey will be unique to only you. Begin with simple goals and build on them. Make yourself accountable to someone, whether it a friend, family member or fitness coach/mentor. When you achieve small goals, your success will give you the confidence to achieve more difficult challenges. Continual effort will produce results you probably believed to be impossible.